Silent Meditation
Saturday:  8:30am-8:50am
Monday, Wednesday, Friday:  9:30am-9:50am
Tuesday & Thursday: 8:30-8:50am

20 minute silent meditation for students with an existing practice or students simply interested in practicing the art of sitting in silence; a bell will ring to mark the beginning and end of the sit. Please arrive on time and plan on staying for the duration of the sit. Please do not enter the room after the door is shut.  

Guided Meditation Series for Beginners with Alicia Golden
As many of us know, starting and maintaining a meditation practice can be very daunting. We often find ourselves struggling to make the commitment and then wondering if we are doing it correctly. In this series, students will have the opportunity to shed the idea of the “meditator” and simply practice being a human “BEing” rather than a human "DOing”. Through expanding our awareness of the present moment and accepting our conditions just as they are, we create space and the possibility of experiencing true freedom.  Open to all students who are committed to showing up each week.  30 minute guided meditation followed by brief discussion. 

Guided Meditation and Book Group with Alicia Golden
Mondays 8:45 - 9:45 am
Fee: $60/6 weeks
Limited to 12 students
June 26 - August 7

In this 6 week series, students will have the opportunity to shed the idea of the “meditator” and simply practice BEing rather than DOing.  Through expanding awareness of the present moment and accepting the conditions just as they are, space is created and the possibility of experiencing true freedom.  Students will be assigned weekly readings from The End of Your World by Adyashanti which will be used as a basis for discussion.  

Open to all students who are committed to showing up each week. 30 minute guided meditation followed by discussion.Book Requirement: The End of Your World by Adyashanti

Ongoing Meditation Group with Alicia Golden
Every other Wednesday 5:45-6:15pm
Limited to 15 students so we kindly request that you are able to make a regular commitment before registering.  

The intention of the ongoing meditation group is to create a space for students to continue meditating together after they have completed the Guided Meditation Series. This group is open to students who have attended the Guided Meditation Series or who currently work under the direction of Alicia's teacher, Pat Buxton. Some guidance will be given, but this 30 minute sit will mostly be held in silence with no formal discussion afterwards.

Chai & Chats

AYR teachers lead informal conversation and Q & A about all things Ashtanga.  Check our Series & Workshops page for our current schedule of Chai & Chats


Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences, which arose as Vedic branches that were developed together and influenced each other. While Yoga is the science of Self-realization, Ayurveda is the science of self-healing. Both of these sciences are essential parts to a great system of Vedic knowledge which asserts that all of the universe is One Self and that root of cosmic knowledge lives within our hearts and minds.

Ayurveda, is the “Veda”, knowledge or wisdom, of life, “Ayur”, which provides the foundational practices of healthy living and longevity. This integrated and non-exclusionary lifestyle and medical system, builds on an internal knowledge to find well-being and harmony within our entire nature: physical (body- Doshas), psychological (mind -Gunas) and spiritual (soul-Atman). Based on Pancha Mahabhuta (Theory of the 5 elements), Ayurveda asserts that we are not separate from, but a part of nature and must live accordingly to discover our optimal health and energy. To do so, we should know our individual Ayurvedic constitution and adopt lifestyle practices that encourage behaviors appropriate for our constitution. In turn, can use our gained energy to help others (aid in the upliftment of society) and devote such energy to practices that raise our awareness and world consciousness. 

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a practice of letting go and rejuvenation. By supporting our bodies with the use of props and relaxing into positions for minutes at a time, we engage in a mindfully active practice of non-doing by surrendering to deeply passive asana (postures). In addition to activating the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) associated with the “rest and digest” mechanisms of the body, this process allows us the time and framework to sit with ourselves, observe what arises, and observe how we impulsively react. In time, and with practice, we begin to create space between physical sensation or urges and their resultant actions and between our thoughts and emotions and our reactions. It is in this space we can begin to transform our mindless reactions into mindful ones, as we learn how not to be controlled by urges and patterning.