Ashtanga yoga is taught in two formats: guided classes and mysore style classes.  While both methods of learning teach the same sequence of postures called the Primary Series, each setting is unique and a compliment to the other.  Guided classes are led by a teacher and students practice together in unison.  Mysore style classes are overseen by a teacher who is giving individual guidance and instruction within a group setting.  We encourage our students to attend both guided and mysore style classes as there is much to be learned through both experiences. 

Intro to Mysore

AYR offers a monthly Intro to Mysore Workshop (one hour lecture) which is supported by 8 Intro to Mysore classes.  These classes provide students individualized guidance and attention as they learn the Ashtanga system.  Ideal for students of all levels wishing to develop a self practice or deepen their existing practice.  Registration is required.  See our Mysore page for more information.


Mysore is the traditional method for learning Ashtanga yoga in a quiet and supportive format.  Each student has an individualized practice which is developed and overseen by the teacher in a group setting. Postures are learned one by one and as they are mastered, the student gradually builds a personal practice. Students of all levels can attend, however we ask that new students begin with Intro to Mysore Workshop.  See our Mysore page for more information.

Intro to Ashtanga

Guided series for beginners where each class builds upon the previous one. Students are taught the Ashtanga system in a group setting with the potential to transition into a self practice upon completion.  Registration is required. 

Ashtanga Basics

Ongoing, guided class for beginners focusing on the breath and the foundations of the Primary Series.  Ideal for beginners or students new to Ashtanga. 

Half Primary Series

Guided class flowing through the first half of the Primary Series with emphasis on the more subtle aspects of the practice. Some experience of the Primary Series is recommended. 

Full Primary Series

Our most advanced guided class flowing through the entire Primary Series taught in Sanskrit to the correct vinyasa breath count. Emphasis is on moving with the breath with very little instruction. Some experience with the Primary Series is strongly recommended.  Option to end at Half Primary Series.

Private Lessons




Prenatal / Postnatal Classes 

If you would like to set up a private yoga lesson, please email us or contact our teachers directly:

Kyra Haigh
Brinson Leigh Kresge
Gina Romagnoli
Mandie Williams


Click HERE for prenatal and postnatal class descriptions.