Do I need to know the Primary Series to begin?
No. New students will be taught the series from the beginning, starting with sun salutations and moving in small increments of poses that are repeated until they become familiar and memorized.  

If I am new to Mysore, can I just show up?
 We ask that students new to Mysore begin with our Intro to Mysore offering which requires advanced registration. This way we can individually walk you through the process of starting Mysore including sending you additional information about how it all works and holding one on one conversations to answer all of your questions and get you fully prepared before you begin. Contact us at info@ashtangayogarichmond.com for more info.

If there is no teacher leading the class, how do students know what to do?
Ashtanga yoga is a specific series of postures that are practiced on a regular basis and learned over the course of time. New students are taught individually in small increments so that they can memorize the sequence slowly. As time and practice  progress, less one on one attention is needed. Students DO NOT need to have the series memorized before attending mysore.  

Why are Mysore classes so long? 
 Mysore classes are longer than guided classes because it is a window of time in which students may come (and go) to do their individual practice.  Beginners will generally have a shorter practice (45 min) which will increase overtime to upwards of 1 1/2 hours .

How often should I practice?
Traditionally, Ashtanga yoga is practiced 6 days a week, leaving one day for rest. We also take off the days of the new and full moon. Women should also take off 2-3 days during their menstrual cycle. We understand that most of our students have busy lives and are juggling many commitments.  Ashtanga yoga has a cumulative effect on the body and should be practiced a minimum of 2-3 days per week. As your schedule permits, more days can gradually be added. It is when we are practicing in the traditional manner that we receive the greatest benefit.  Please note, we do not offer drop-in classes for Mysore unless you are from out of town with a regular Mysore practice. 

How do I know if it is time to add a pose or start a new series?
The Mysore teachers meet on a regular basis and discuss the progression of each student based on many considerations. A teacher will let you know when it is time to add a pose or begin the next series. Remember that there is ALWAYS room for attention to the subtleties while waiting to progress to the next pose or series.  

Can I ask questions in class or call the teacher over?
Yes, questions are very important in the beginning while you are taking in all of this new information. Our teachers are here to guide you and help you settle in to the rhythm of the practice. If you have a question, we ask that you wait at the top of your mat rather than calling the teacher over. As you become more tuned in with your body and your attention becomes more focused, less conversation is necessary.  

Why is there no practice on moon days?  
Both the new moon and full moon are observed as ‘yoga holidays’ in Ashtanga yoga following the tradition of KPJAYI in Mysore, India.
For more information about moon days, visit  Ashtanga Yoga Center  and read Eddie Sterns's notes.

Can I pay for a single Mysore class to check it out before committing?  
We do not offer drop-in classes for Mysore. Because Mysore is based on developing a self practice over time, it is essential that new students make a commitment to regular practice for the first month in order to memorize a portion of the series and begin experiencing the benefits of practicing in this format. Students are always welcome to come and observe a Mysore class prior to committing.