Mysore Challenge
for New & Returning Practitioners

Immerse yourself in the transformative practice of Ashtanga Yoga. Take advantage of a month of unlimited Mysore classes to establish a consistent practice and develop the habit of showing up to your mat and to yourself. Through this healing practice you will not only build strength and flexibility in the body, but by focusing on the breath, the mind begins to slow down and relax as well. Over time, the lessons learned on the mat translate into living with more self awareness and spaciousness which supports our well being.

In this ancient system of yoga, each student has an individualized practice following the Ashtanga series which is overseen by the teacher. Postures are learned one by one so that the student is able to memorize the sequence slowly and the body is able to adapt to the postures over time. During Mysore, students of all levels practice at their own pace and are given instructions verbally and through hands on adjustments. Mysore is suitable for students of all ages and abilities and is the traditional method of learning yoga, one on one from teacher to student.  We invite you to come experience the meditative quality of Mysore practice.

How it works:

  • Open to anyone new to Mysore or returning to AYR after 3+ months

  • Contact us at to register for the Mysore Challenge.

  • If you’ve never seen a Mysore class in action we encourage you to come observe.

  • We will email you a packet of information explaining how Mysore works along with everything you need to know to feel comfortable in showing up to class.

  • We will schedule a 1 on 1 conversation to go through any questions BEFORE you start your month.

  • Come as often as you can for 30 days.

  • Enjoy the benefits of your commitment to the Ashtanga Method.