PRENATAL YOGA: Yoga is an incredible way to bond with baby, strengthen and support the body, and prepare, physically and mentally, for an empowered birth experience. Create community and connect with other mamas. 
Sundays:    3:30-4:45 pm
Tuesdays:   6:00 - 7:15 pm

MOM&BABY/PRENATAL COMBINED YOGA:  Get to know other moms and moms-to-be while you prepare your body and mind for motherhood.  This class will focus on strengthening, stress release, and community building.  A dynamic class for women in any stage of pregnancy and those with babies 6 weeks to crawling.
We look forward to this class returning!

8 Class Prenatal Package with 90 day expiration: $112
Single Drop In Class: $18
Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for providing additional make-ups or issuing any credit for classes missed as a result of circumstances beyond our control. If you are placed on bed rest, call immediately so we work out a solution.   Thank you for your understanding.

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Join other couples in this fun and informative workshop that sets the foundation to cultivate awareness in your birthing body and connect with your partner.
Together we will...
-practice breath and relaxation techniques
-participate in gentle partner yoga, moving and relaxing together
-learn various partner-assisted labor and birth positions
No yoga experience needed for either partner.

This two hour workshop will focus on the needs on the birthing parent and how the entire family can prepare for “the fourth trimester.” We will work on a postpartum plan that includes meal planning, lying in, and healing the birthing body.  

 Postures and breath work will be woven into the workshop as part of learning how to relax and restore through this transition.

We are proud to offer a comprehensive childbirth education course that threads together movement, mindfulness and empowerment in your birth experience. This two part series includes discussion, lecture, games, comfort measures, meditation, and movement. 

 The first class will cover the physiology of birth (what is really happening and why), relaxation for fear release, and a birth preference activity (what is really important to you?)

 The second class will build on your new understanding of the birthing process. What does this really mean in the moment? Learn about the signposts of labor and what movements/positions would support the process at each stage.

 We will also cover comfort measures, interventions, choices, hospital policies, and so much more.

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