What classes can I attend with the ‘Basics Package’ package? 
The Basics package is only valid for our Sunday basics class. This package can be bought as many times as you like and is intended to offer discounted price to students who want to commit to coming regularly to that class

Can I get an extension on the expiration date of my package? 
No. AYR does not offer extensions on any packages. If a student becomes injured during the duration of their package and is unable to practice, we ask that they contact us immediately and we will consider a package suspension depending on the situation. We will not consider a suspension if the package has already expired. We also do not offer extensions due to sickness or travel.  

What is the difference between the Intro to Ashtanga Package and the Intro to Mysore Package?  
 The Intro to Ashtanga package is an 8-week series where each class builds upon the previous one. Students are taught the Ashtanga system in a group setting. The Intro to Mysore Package includes a one-time lecture and 8 Intro to Mysore classes which  provide students with individualized guidance as they learn the Ashtanga system.