What classes can I attend with the ‘New to Us’ packages? 
The New to Us package & New to Us Month are valid for all of our classes except for Mysore and Prenatal Yoga. These are great packages for anyone new to the studio who wants to get a taste for what we have to offer.

Can I share my package with family members or friends?  
We’re sorry but AYR does not off shared packages or memberships. If you don’t think you can use all of the classes in a package within the designated time period, please consider our drop in option which allows for more flexibility.

Can I get an extension on the expiration date of my package? 
We’re sorry, but AYR does not offer extensions on any packages. If a student becomes injured during the duration of their package and is unable to practice, we ask that they contact us immediately and we will come up with a solution depending on the situation. However, we cannot consider suspensions if the package has already expired or if it is due to sickness or travel.  

What is your policy for canceling online reservations for classes? Please make sure to cancel any online class reservations within 30 minutes of the class if you do not plan to attend the class. Any reservations NOT cancelled within that time will lose a class credit.

What is your policy for workshop cancellations?
All workshops and special events are non-refundable and non-transferrable. However, if we cancel the workshop for any reason, a full refund will be given to participants.