Where is AYR located and is there parking? 
AYR is located next to the Byrd Theatre in the heart of Carytown. There is a parking deck directly behind the studio with an entrance off of Colonial Street. Our entrance is the metal door between Perception Salon and Copolla’s Deli and we are located on the second floor.  

Are there mats available at AYR? 
Yes, we do provide mats for a $1 rental. For hygienic reasons, we strongly encourage students with a regular practice to purchase their own mat.  

Is there a shower at AYR?
AYR does have one shower but it is located in our only bathroom. For this reason, we ask that if you need to shower at the studio, please make it quick.  
Should I reserve my space for class online? 
Students do not need to reserve a space online for our ongoing classes unless specified. Please keep in mind that once you have reserved your space online, you will be charged for that class unless you ‘Early Cancel’ online up to 30 minutes before the start of class.  

Is there mat storage at AYR?
Students with a Monthly Membership may store their yoga mat at the studio on the bottom right side of the prop shelf.  All mats must be stored in a mat bag with a name clearly identifying it. Please do not leave any loose items in the storage area. Random mats will be placed in the lost and found and donated after 30 days.